On Tuesday, March 14, 2006, you can support KAN-WIN and dozens of other non-profit organizations by enjoying a wonderful meal with family or friends. On that day restaurants across Illinois will donate 30% of their proceeds to support our work and other non-profits in Illinois.

This unique event is an opportunity to spend an evening with people you enjoy, have a great meal and give back to the community all in one sitting.  It combines the delight of eating out with the joy of giving into one fun-filled event.

Using pledge cards provided at each restaurant, diners will also have the option to direct a portion of their proceeds to KAN-WIN or any of the 70 charity members of Community Shares of Illinois.  KAN-WIN’s staff will be positioned at WISH BONE on 3300 N. Lincoln Ave at dinner time (773-549-2663).      

So make your reservations today! It's an easy way to make a difference and to support restaurants that support local charities addressing community needs.  

For more information visit http://www.share-a-meal.org or contact Grace Yoon at (773) 583-1392.

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